This summer’s transfer spending list: Arsenal’s 147 million crowns over Manchester City, Manchester United

“Transfer Market” counts the list of signings spent so far this summer. Arsenal is the team that spent the most signings this summer, with a total of 147 million euros. Manchester City ranked second with 127.5 million euros and Manchester United ranked second with 125 million euros. Three. Cheap Soccer Jerseys

The top ten rankings are as follows (unit: Euro):

   1. Arsenal 147 million

   2. Manchester City: 127.5 million

   3. Manchester United 125 million

   4. Chelsea 115 million

   5. Vera 105.6 million

   6. Rome 97.8 million

  7. Leipzig 91.6 million

   8. Paris 76 million

  9. Leicester City 67.6 million

  1. Norwich 60.2 million

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